5 Types Healthcare Careers Introvert

5 Types Healthcare Careers Introvert

The healthcare industry is growing rapidly, with even more growth expected as majority of baby boomers start retiring. If you have been considering a job in the healthcare industry, then this is the ideal time to prepare for medical school test and get trained and then get the position you desire.

Though this industry is often considered social because one has to keep on interacting with patients, families and co-workers, there are several career paths for introverts. Here are the 5 types of healthcare careers for introverts like you. We also included the median salary provided by Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Medical coder

A medical coder reviews medical notes and records from doctors or nurses from a patients visit. You will be expected to assign medical codes to the kind of service the patient received so that healthcare providers are reimbursed accordingly.

Why it’s for you: Instead of working with patients directly, you will only be expected to review their documents while behind the scenes. Your attention to detail will be vital so that the healthcare industry does not lose revenue as you will be working with thousands of codes.

Median salary: $45,151

Level of Education required: Certificate or diploma

Clinical Laboratory Technologists

As a clinical laboratory technologist, your duties will be to collect samples and carry out tests that analyze body fluids and other substances. You will be responsible for different laboratory duties and are vital in the diagnosis of diseases.

Why it’s for you: A lot of testing process will involve very little interaction with other people. Most of the time, you will be all alone carrying out tests in the lab after collection.

Median salary: $47,820

Level of Education required: Bachelor’s degree

Health information technician

A health information technician manages and organizes healthcare data. You will be responsible for safeguarding medical records, tracking outcomes of patients and ensuring there is accessible documentation for patients, physicians and insurance companies.

Why it’s for you: You will be able to make use of your organizational skills since your main role will be managing healthcare records and documents. This is a perfect job for an introvert as you rarely get to interact with patients rather you will be working with set up systems and patient records.

Median salary: $49,013

Level of Education needed: Associate’s degree

Radiologic and MRI Technologist

A radiologist technologist carries out diagnostic imaging examinations like x-rays on patients. On the other hand, MRI technologists usually handle magnetic resonance imaging scanners thus creating diagnostic images. MRI and Radiologic technologist are important in diagnosis of any chronic conditions and help in the early detection of cancers.

Why it’s for you: Although you may interact with patients one on one, most of the diagnostic testing occurs behind the scenes so there is minimal interaction.

Median salary: $55,910

Level of Education required: Associate’s degree

Administrative Medical Assistant

Have you ever considered becoming an administrative medical assistant? You will still play an important role in saving the lives of patients, but instead of working with them one on one, you will be scheduling appointments, filing patient records, organizing for hospital admissions, completing insurance forms and maintaining electronic health records.

Why it’s for you: You will be working behind the scenes and there will be minimal interaction with patients which will suit you perfectly. You will be able to exercise your independence while working.

Median salary: $34,000

Education needed: Associate’s degree


Now you are in the know. It’s actually possible to work in the healthcare industry even if you are an introvert. The healthcare industry is such a broad field and there are so many other jobs that will fit your personality that we haven’t highlighted in the article.

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