We are pleased to announce that Introvertwhisperer.com is acquired and now part of the ScholarMedia community.

Introvertwhisperer.com was used to provide expert career advice for ambitious introverts. The founder of the site was aim to help people adapt and succeed in their careers. This now will be continued by ScholarMedia community.

Introvertwhisperer.com offered the audience unique career guidance you really won’t find elsewhere. The mission was to teach and coach introverts with immediate results.

ScholarMedia and Introvertwhisperer.com share a aim to promote education and career sucess. ScholarMedia aim to form a creative and interactive online community to share experiences, guides and informative reviews for online learning and education. We hope that by accessing the cost-effective and high quality educational resources, people can prepare skills and knowledges for their future career success.

A quality education and a good career are important for all people. Many people can’t pursue their educational goals every year. At ScholarMedia, we value education and provide value to our readers who demand quality education by giving course reviews and books, as well as tools. We want to help people with the finances for their higher studies.

With Introvertwhisperer.com ’s partnership with ScholarMedia, we hope to benefit our community by offering top-quality content that will help people make better education and achieve career success.