Dealing Fear Interrupt Redirect Mind

Dealing Fear Interrupt Redirect Mind

The feeling of being afraid of something is no doubt quite sickening and tiring. The way your fear runs you and controls your movements is definitely uncomfortable. We all know what we want to achieve and how we want to live but our fears keep getting in the way and make things difficult.

Fear is all about negativity! It’s like a voice in our head that keeps telling us about worst possibilities and unwanted scenarios that could happen. It’s just not possible to live happily with a fear hence you must learn how to deal with this exhaustive feeling.

To overcome your fears, you need to redirect your mind by interrupting it. The bug of fear must be smashed before it strengthens its roots in your mind.

Here is a complete guide for people who are suffering from some kind of phobia or fear to deal with this frustrating feeling by getting control of their mind:

1. Understanding your fear

To deal with anything you first need to develop an understanding of it. Same goes for your fear conditions! You need to understand your fear and its nature so you may take some effective measures to deal with it. Understanding your fear will bring a wave of power in you, confirming that you are capable of overcoming it.

Types of fear

To understand your fear you need to have a sufficient knowledge about its three basic types, as described below:

Situational or associated fear: it’s a type which involves different kinds of phobia associated with some object, situation or activity. For instance, people have fear of heights, water, and insects such as spiders. There are also some people who become afraid when a black cat crosses their path.

Generic fear: the fear that remains active throughout your life is called generic fear. People continue to experience some fears across their life. For instance, some of us continue living being afraid of losing our loved ones and some might live with the fear of nuclear war.

To deal with your fear, you need to understand what type of fear you experience. What does your condition of fear relate to? When do you experience your fear the most and what exactly your feel? Raising such question will enable you to reach the depths of your fear so you may find a better solution to it.

Source of your fear

Another thing required to develop a better understanding of your fear is to trace its source. Fear does not pop out of nothing. It has some source that may be fictional or factual generating this unwanted feeling. So let’s discuss these both aspects of fear separately:

Fiction: your fear might have no evident background but only based on some perceived threat. In most cases, people panic and become afraid only on the grounds of bad possibilities or merely some fearful ideas. Your assumptions about future may project fear that something bad will happen. Mostly, fears are associated with future and based on mere thoughts and assumptions. Thoughts triggering fear can be changed by just activating the defense mode of your mind.

Fact: there is also a possibility that your fear is connected to some evident fact. You’re maybe fearing something right in the present moment. But once again, your fear will land in the future. For instance, a wild animal comes in front of you and triggers the fear of being hunted. Now your fear is triggered by a factual evidence but what you’re exactly fearing, life-threat, lies in the future as you haven’t been attacked yet.

So, this concludes that a fact based fear is also associated to future hence related to fiction to some extent.

Maybe your fear is communicating with you!

Your fear might be a messenger trying to communicate with you. Let’s take that wild animal example, we used above, to understand this statement. That fear you experience while confronting a wild animal is basically a message of saving your life. It’s trying to tell you that you need to either kill the animal or run to save your life else you might become its prey. You need to understand the message your fear is sending so you may think of something to respond to that message. Instead of being stuck in your fearful situation, you need to interrupt your mind and start looking for tools available to respond the message.

2. Ways to overcome your fear

Let you all be informed that your fear is not something you CANNOT overcome! Before we begin with some simple and effective ways of dealing with fear, you all must know one thing that your mind is the place where your fear roots and grows. To make sure that your fear has been overcome, you need to redirect your mind so a fear must not find a way to control it again!

Be conscious and take deep breaths: Losing your consciousness means your fear has won! You cannot let that happen. You need to keep your mind under your control and be conscious even when you’re afraid of something. Take deep breaths to relax and clear your mind so you may become able to think productively. Once you will learn to stay in control, your fears will not be strong enough to direct you.

Emotional Freedom Technique: another way of dealing with your fear is to use EFT, also known as tapping. This method is scientifically approved and considered to be highly effective. It involves the acupressure techniques that are approximately five thousand years old. You pressure certain points of your body to release stress and anxiety and experience relaxation. Using this technique will help you to overcome the nervousness triggered by your fear so you may think with a clear mind to deal with the situation.

Meditate to calm your mind: meditation is no doubt quite an efficacious way to deal with fear. The practice of regular meditation will allow you to experience the peace of your mind and redirect your thinking patterns.

Feed your mind with positivity: fear is always triggered when you assume bad. To overcome it, you need to need positive! Feed your mind with goodness and positive possibilities so your fear may vanish in the light of optimism.

Communicate with your fear: being afraid doesn’t mean you have to lose your consciousness and give in to it. Try to understand your fear and communicate with it to find a better solution.

Use logic and intuition: you fear something? Or someone? Worry not! Let’s overcome it by using your power of intuition and logic. Consider your rational approach to structure your thinking and follow your instincts and guts that tell you what to do in particular fear situations.

To conclude, your fear has the potential to destroy you hence you need to interrupt its course and redirect your mind to defeat it!

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