5 Types Healthcare Careers Introvert

The healthcare industry is growing rapidly, with even more growth expected as majority of baby boomers start retiring. If you have been considering a job in the healthcare industry, then this is the ideal time to get trained and get the position you desire. Though this industry is often considered social because one has to keep on interacting with patients, families and co-workers, there are several career paths for introverts. Here are the 5 types of healthcare careers for introverts like you. We also included the median salary provided by Bureau of Labor Statistics.

7 things introverts can turn networking job bad good

The vast majority of job seekers with even the slightest leaning toward being an introvert. Statistically, that’s about half of all job seekers. Even with all that the Internet gives us, people hire people. You most likely won’t get a job without connecting your resume or you to a real person simply to get an interview. This is a fact of life that predates the Internet. We have to network and build relationships for jobs, resources and opportunities.

5 Strategies Manage Introverts Work

Your team is made up of many characters and every manager knows that although they can’t all be pleased at the same time, it is up to them to make them feel comfortable so that they can thrive in their job.

10 Best Tips To Stay Healthy While Working Night Shift

If you are a night owl, night shift jobs might seem like a dream to you! Until you realize your new lifestyle really impacts your health! Many professionals have difficulty staying up during their night shift jobs and they often tend to forget their health in the journey. This is completely understandable because a change in your shifting time can really affect your lifestyle. As your daily routine changes, you are more likely to skip your meals, get addicted to unhealthy junk foods, sleep less, and ditch exercise.

Five Emails You Can Send On A Regular Basis To Secure Your Future Promotion

Good communication is undoubtedly the skill that all employers value the most. Many great managers say the best skill set they have is to listen, especially to those who employ the roles most lucrative to the company. The symbiotic relationship between individual contributor and manager is there, but it’s up to you to ensure you are communicating so that your manager can play their part.

Important Introverts Become Emotionally Intelligent

People who identify as introverts gain their energy from within themselves, and often feel overwhelmed or exhausted after social encounters that require a lot of outward facing energy. As a result, it can be hard for introverts to know how to expel that energy in a way that doesn’t leave them feeling physically and mentally drained. Enter emotional intelligence: one’s ability to be aware of and control their own emotions, and interact with people in an empathic way.

Dealing Fear Interrupt Redirect Mind

The feeling of being afraid of something is no doubt quite sickening and tiring. The way your fear runs you and controls your movements is definitely uncomfortable. We all know what we want to achieve and how we want to live but our fears keep getting in the way and make things difficult.